Singing Waiters in France Q&A

Who actually are Singing Waiters in France?

Singing Waiters in France are a surprise entertainment act, used for a wide range of different events, from weddings, birthday parties and corporate events.  We cater for any event and cover whole of France (and beyond – Let us know if you have an event in a different country – we can do!)

At first, we appear to be just your normal everyday waiters, moving around your guests, being friendly and chatting. We can be found pouring drinks and serving food, we have even been known to run gin bars and cocktail bars!! In reality, we are a team of incredibly talented singers. When the moment is right, the Waiters attract the attention of the room and burst into song – taking the guests by surprise with a set of songs that will have everyone on their feet.

One of the best things about Singing Waiters is that the act can be tailored to meet your needs. You can choose everything from the playlist of songs to how you want your perfect atmosphere to be for your guests and providing an experience they will never forget. For more information on how Singing Waiters in France works, visit the about page. 

What can Singing Waiters in France bring to your event?

Invite our secret singers to your event and we guarantee, it will be an unforgettable experience – for all the right reasons One that your guests will be talking about for years to come, it will make your event the most memorable event that they have attending. 

Our goal is to create a fantastic atmosphere for you and your guests. We work closely with you to find out more about the nature of your event and the type of music you like – and based on this information, we develop the perfect performance. This will be tailored to you and your requests and we know we have done our homework correctly when everyone gets involved and has fun together.

How much does it cost to hire Singing Waiters in France?

It depends on a few factors – when your event date is? the location of your event, the number of Singing Waiters needed to make your event fantastic. You pay ONE set fee based on the information you provide, this covers the cost of:

  • a personal event planner to plan you surprise event
  • a high-quality interactive act, tailored specifically to your event
  • a team of professional vocalists 
  • sound equipment and technicians for you at the event
  • public liability insurance cover

For a personalised quote, simply fill out the tailor your surprise form with a few details and a member of our team will get back to you. Our entertainment act is one that your guests will never forget – we are worth it and make memories that last forever for your special event. All our events are bespoke, there is no one price fits all so please do give us a ring to discuss.

What does a Singing Waiter in France performance involve?

A Singing Waiter in France performance typically involves one or more professionally trained Singers, who go undercover, pretending to be waiting staff at your event. After liaising with you, the performance will begin at a scheduled time and will usually begin with some kind of prepared accident. This could be a singing waiter ‘tripping over’ and dropping a tray of cutlery we love working out different ways of doing this. This commotion will naturally draw the attention of your guests, at which point the Singing Waiter will take the opportunity to begin their performance. Singing Waiters in France are experienced in the musical industry, some having come from performing on the London West End in London. Some have performed on French TV, but all of them have breathtaking vocals that will get your party started. Whatever music genre or songs you have in mind, Singing Waiters in France have the vocal talent to execute it well and hugely impress the guests at your event. The songs that make up the performance are arranged beforehand, so that the audience can get the maximum enjoyment from the surprise. A backing track is played to support the performance, or should you want it some of our Singers play guitar and can bring that along too – we like to mix it up a bit! We have lots of ideas to share with you to make it that little bit different.

What should be considered when booking Singing Waiters in France as an act?

It is worth thinking about the kind of performance that you want before booking your Singing Waiters act. Due to the customisable nature of the performance, it will be up to you to decide with our help, the setlist that the waiters sing.  When they will start their performance and how they will interact with the audience, we are happy to be guided by you – we can make your event amazing and have everyone talking about it for years to come.  We like to hear all about your event and your plans so we can see how we can fit into them. Singing Waiters in France have the expertise to make any performance memorable, but it is your guidance and information about your event and specific input that helps it to become an unforgettable one.

We perform a whole range of genres and style; everyone has different music tastes and styles.  Our Singing Waiter performance will take in all those preferences. If you are unsure what songs you would like your Singing Waiters to perform then don’t worry we know which songs work well and we have a huge range of popular playlists which we can use as a guide, check out our page on our website for Party Starters, Pop Crackers, Floor Fillers and Karaoke Classics.  Alternatively. you can leave it to us to create a unique set just for you – with tracks and songs that are perfect for you, your guests and your taste.  We completely customise to make it perfect for your event, no two events are the same.  You will choose everything from the playlist of songs to the level of cheesiness and audience interaction. We try to find out as much information about your event as you have and make it fit to entertain.

How long does the performance last?

Our performance starts along time before your guests arrive, we arrive before everyone else, carry out some sound checks, then we immediately get in to character.  We go undercover, pretending to be waiters and secretly get to know everyone in the room.  We blend in with the real venue staff for the first couple of hours – when the moment is right, we spring our surprise on your unsuspecting guests.  We then perform an interactive set of between 8-10 songs on average, it’s your event so we tailor it to your preferences and usually lasts around 30-40 minutes depending on the audience and how much participation there it. We are happy to be there and entertain – so we are usually there for a good 3 hours plus and really become part of your event.

What happens next?

Give us a ring, on either of the numbers above (if you are using a mobile device just click on the number and they connect automatically) or fill out the contact form and we will give you a ring back.  If you think Singing Waiters in France would be perfect for your event, we will ask you to pay a deposit to secure your date and that’s it, you are in the diary and we are coming to your event – but ssshhhh, remember don’t tell anyone, keeping it a secret is the best way of surprising everyone and we just love springing that surprise. 

Do you provide any other entertainment packages?

Yes we do, we can provide you the whole end to end package for all your musical entertainment needs – just let us know what you are thinking of, string duo, accordion player, DJ, Band…… – we can help with all that too! We work with lots of wonderful people all over France!

Covid 19 how it has affected us and what do we do?

In these uncertain times where Covid 19 has unfortunately affected us all in one way or another– Singing Waiters in France offer a ‘book with confidence guarantee’.  If your Singing Waiter booking has to move in 2020 due to COVID 19 then if you rebook a like for like date in 2021/2022, we will move date with you.  If we don’t have availability on your new date, we will give you your deposit back. This is subject to some conditions and we must know 3 months before the original date to be able to move with you – it just helps with our planning. Please feel free to talk to us about this – we are as flexible as possible – we want your event to be as safe as it can be and we understand the difficulties everyone has endured in 2020. We will get your party started – whatever the date!

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please Contact Us!